Thursday, February 24, 2011

It IS all about...

It IS all about…

The expected word to finish that statement is “me”.  This is an unfortunate trend in society to be egocentric, even narcissistic.  Where does it come from?  What happened in our growth as social beings to stop developing at the age of three, when it is natural to be focused on one’s own existence?  Well, that sentence sucked.  Let me try again.

I guess it is the time of year when I get disgusted with all the celebrity award events that hit the TV prime time.  If it were just one award event, I would be fine with the ultra-beautiful, multi-talented celebrities getting together, sharing a few laughs, toasting with champagne, wearing glamorous clothing, and handing out golden naked-man statues.  But it is not.  No, there are many award events that carve out TV time, and rub their
magnificence, wealth, specialness in our faces. 
 Do I even know all the acronyms and labels?   Let’s see how many I actually do know. 
1.      SAG:  Screen Actor Guild
2.      Golden Globe
3.      Country Music Awards
4.      MTV awards:  music & television video
5.      Tony Awards:  for live stage performances
6.      Emmy Awards:  for television programs, HBO, television movies, mini-series, etc.
7.      Daytime Television Awards: for soap-operas, game shows, talk shows
8.      Grammy awards:  for recorded music awards
Some untelevised award events are the Cannes(spelling?)  Film Festival in Monaco and the Sundance Film Festival in Park City (I think), Utah,

You might think this comes from jealousy.  No.  It does not.  I look at these people, and most of them are stuck at the age of three.  “Look at me!  See my cleavage! (I have a problem with cleavage display) My butt is so hot!  This necklace costs $1.5 million!  I don’t have a wrinkle!  See what I did!  See what I can do!  You like me!  You really like me!...”  That is just the “Red Carpet” entry hour.  The acceptance speeches are another teeth grinder for me. 
Using a public platform to spout about political beliefs and criticize those whose opinions don’t match up with the ultra-beautiful is plain wrong.  Some of the acting profession are actually intelligent people, and don’t need a script to talk, but those people are few in number. 

The DVR is a technological wonder, and I will use it for the Oscar night.  That will cut the 3.5 hour self-adulation presentation to about 40 minutes, especially if I push the fast forward button 3 times.


  1. I love watching the red carpet and looking at the fashion. It's interesting to consider the significance of each piece and what statement the star (or the star's PR/stylist) is trying to make. It wouldn't be nearly as interesting if the stars simply picked gowns they liked. No, it all means something. The question is, what?
    And, yes, it very well may simply be 'look at me!'


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